Senior Citizen Health Insurance Benefits
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Individual Health Insurance Benefits
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Long Term Health Insurance Benefits
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Insurance Benefits and Retirement

You have found WCBurke, an insurance brokerage company. We go to work each day for our family of clients who are seniors, business owners, corporations, individuals and families to find solutions to protect against unexpected financial loss. We are in business so that you can keep your money in your pocket for the things that are really most important to you! We consult and educate our clients for the tough decisions they face each day like, “should I choose a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Supplement plan? How do I keep good employees from going elsewhere? How much life insurance do I need? Which is better for me, an HSA plan or a traditional co-pay plan?” At WCBurke, we want to dazzle you with our prompt service, our knowledge base and creativity and going beyond your wildest expectations. We want to earn your business!

We have segmented our services into 3 main areas – Seniors, Business Owners/Corporations and Family/Individuals. Within each area is detailed information about the types of coverage available and some pros and cons of each. You may also get rates and apply online. Browse through the categories that catch your attention and be sure to please give us feedback and suggestions to help us in giving the folks exactly what they’re looking for. Thanks for choosing WCBurke. We hope you find our information helpful.


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