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Which Dental Plan to Choose: Dental Insurance or a Discount Dental Plan???

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Which Dental Plan to Choose: Dental Insurance or a Discount Dental Plan???

What is a dental discount plan? A dental discount plan is a dental plan offered by dentists who wish to offer their patients (who are members of this discount plan) a discount for their dental services.

Why would a dentist offer dental services at a discount? If a dental practice has times during their hours of operation where there are empty dental chairs then they are not maximizing their income potential. If a dental office is utilizing only 60% of their maximum capacity then they could grow another 40% to get to maximum capacity therefore allowing them to earn more money. How can a dentist solve this problem? A dentist can offer a discount on their dental services enticing potential patients to come in and have dental work done. By offering services at a discount, a dentist can get their dental practice closer to maximizing their income earnings.

How can a dentist offer a discount on services and still make an income? There is no paperwork, no billing to send out, no extra staff or extra hours to pay for office employees to handle claims and administration.

What’s in it for the Plan Discount Carriers? They solicit the dentists to sign on and agree to provide discount services. They in turn establish relationships with insurance agents and brokers to distribute their discount plans to potential customers. The customers pay the annual fee to the discount program and the Discount Plan Carriers make money. It’s a win-win-win for the Dentists, the Discount Plan Carriers and the dental patients.

Why would a patient prefer a discount dental plan over a dental discount plan? There are several reasons.

1. A discount plan has no claims forms or paperwork to keep up with. The member simply shows their discount plan card at the window after the appointment and the dental service provided is automatically discounted at a pre-set amount already agreed to by the discount plan and the dentist.

2. There is no waiting period when someone signs up for a discount plan. The new member can receive service almost immediately (within 3 business days) when they become a member. The minimum time frame from filling the application to having the plans effective date is the first day of the following month, although most dental insurance plans have a waiting period from 6 to 18 months before a member can receive certain services. If you have a bad tooth ache that’s a long time to wait!

3. The premium on a dental insurance plan can be anywhere from 2 to 10 times more expensive than a dental discount plan.

4. Dental insurance typically has a deductible you must pay before coverage begins on certain services. A dental discount plan has no deductible at all.

5. Dental insurance caps the total benefit paid out per person per year. Once you reach the cap, all of the rest of your dental expenses are paid on your own dime without any help. Dental discount plans have no cap or maximum amount of services you can receive.

6. Many discount plans offer other benefits such as vision, hearing, prescription benefits and other discounts as well. Dental insurance typically has no other benefit associated

with membership.

7. Dental insurance does not help pay for cosmetic dentistry unlike most dental discount plans.

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