Dazed and Confused? What A Long Strange Trip It's Been
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“Hey!!! Don’t even think about putting me in a nursing home!!!”

“Hey!!! Don’t even think about putting me in a nursing home!!!”

Stay out of the Nursing Home Insurance!

When I speak to folks about LTCi I often get a response like, “I don’t want to think about nursing homes…why do you want to talk about putting me in a nursing home?” I respond with, “I’m not wanting to put you in the nursing home…in fact, I want to talk about keeping you OUT of the nursing home. Now how does that sound? Well, now you have my attention!” And so the conversation carries on.

Here are some facts to consider. Of those who have Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi) only 9% will pass away in a nursing home facility. Why is that? If you have LTCi you have options. Almost all of the plans today include provisions for home health care. Let’s face it, seniors want to be independent and maintain control in their lives for as long as possible. Aging in your own home brings a sense of peace,  comfort and happiness especially if you’ve lived in the same house for a long time.

Another feature that LTCi policies have today is the ability to take out small amounts of cash to pay for certain services as you need them. As you age many times your loss of good health is gradual over a period of time. For example, perhaps you find it increasingly more difficult to mow the lawn and do the cooking. You could hire the teenager down the street to mow your lawn and find someone from a local church or a catering company that delivers home cooked, pre-made meals that can be warmed in the microwave. How much would that cost? Maybe $500 or $600 per month. You could draw that amount out each month and continue in that condition for a while.

Finally, a number of policies today have a provision that will allow you to share your benefit with your spouse. For example, you and your spouse purchase LTCi and sometime later one of you is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in which you could start using your coverage little by little. If the Alzheimer’s Disease lasts 5 or 10 years or more you could very easily run out of coverage on the disabled spouse. With the shared benefit feature the other spouse can share their coverage allowing you more options on your LTC decisions.

LTCi should be more aptly named, “Stay out of the nursing home insurance.” Facing old age and the likelihood of becoming medically dependent on others can be a horrifying prospect without having a safety net backing you as you age. Do not wait…call or email today to have a conversation with me about LTCi.