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Roger Duke, Monroe, GA

I want to thank Mr Bill Burke for the great help he was enrolling me in my new Medicare Advantage plan. He did a fantastic job educating me on Medicare. Medicare can be confusing and he made it simple and easy to understand. I am recommending everyone eligible for Medicare to see Bill. 

Response from WCBurke: Thank you Mr. Duke! It is a pleasure working with you!

Steven Brand, Marietta, GA

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Bill Burke met my urgency for insurance needs with consummate professionalism, patience and action. My insurance needs were met quickly. I recommend Bill without reservation.

Response from WCBurke: Steve, thank you for the sterling recommendation!

Gary Stiefel, Woodstock, GA

Bill helped me navigate the health insurance market when I started my own business. He educated me and answered all my questions which led to the right solution.

Response from WCBurke: Gary, thank you for saying “educated.” I really don’t come to talk anybody into anything which is so much what sales people do. If I focus on the folks, meeting their needs, finding solutions and educating them business takes care of itself. I enjoy educating people!

Deborah Pirkle, Duluth, GA

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Bill has been our agent for years, always guiding my family with sound advice on all health and drug insurance needs. Need help navigating all the options with Medicare, Bill's the man. Self employed, no group insurance, call Bill. He will find you the best price. Plus he is such a nice guy.

Response from WCBurke: Thanks Deborah, you and Mr. Clark make it a joy to serve you!

Jean Dixen, Athens, GA

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Bill is remarkably knowledgeable about health care insurance options, and available primary care doctors. He is also conscientious and genuinely cares about the well being of his clients. He has been very helpful to me, and I recommend him most highly.

Response from WCBurke: You’re too kind Miss Jean!

Sherry Rouse, Lawrenceville, GA

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Bill has helped my husband and me get more from our Medicare insurance. He has also helped us get dental, vision, and hearing insurance. He even helped my husband get insurance after he retired, but before he was able to get Medicare. We highly recommend him for all of your insurance needs.

Response from WCBurke: Thank you Sherry, y’all make it easy to do my job!

Magnes Lewis, Athens, GA

Positive: Professionalism

Bill will take care of your insurance needs with a southern charm flair!

Response from WCBurke: Thank you Magnes, I guess taking care of folks with southern charm flair is a good thing!

Richard Long, Canton, GA

I can't recommend this gentleman enough!! When you sit and talk with Bill he listens and then thoughtfully responds. There is an old expression in the south we use to compliment someone and it is very appropriate with Bill. " He is good people".

When my wife and I were trying to figure this retirement/ insurance maze of info Bill showed us on his laptop all of the options available. Long story short we wound up with Aetna and a zero premium. After a year Aetna cancelled that particular offering so we immediately turned to Bill again. And he set us up with Humana and I have NEVER been happier. No premium and the best customer service we have ever experienced!!

Again, if you want a professional who will make you feel like family at the same time, then Bill Burke is your guy!!!

Response from WCBurke: Thank you Richard, and if you were ever to be in the area around lunchtime on ANY day, I’d enjoy lunch with you! My best to you and Miss Carol!

Eddie Hyman, Watkinsville, GA

Mr. Burke has gone above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. When medical bills started piling up, he helped me untangle the mess and get paperwork started to get the reimbursement I needed.

Response from WCBurke: Eddie, you are a pleasure to serve. Thank you for recommending me to your family and friends!

Robert Goodwin, Winterville, GA

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Response from WCBurke: Thank you Robert

Radha Vemuri, Greensboro, GA

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Bill is honest and looks for what’s best for clients. He was thorough in searching for the best insurance that matches us. He always responds to questions about insurance coverage . He is friendly and easy to reach

Response from WCBurke: Thank you kind Doctor!

Clint Bullock, Hull, GA

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Response from WCBurke: Thank you Clint!

James and Harriet Johnson, Ila, GA

Positive: Made the whole experience GREAT! 

Mr. Burke walked us through applying for Medicare. He was very personable and knowledgeable about the process and helped us find the supplemental plans that met our budgets and health needs. Highly recommend him as he made the whole process delightful.

Response from WCBurke: Thank you Jimmy and Harriet. You made me feel like I was your best friend!

Gail Aycock, Statham, GA

Bill worked tirelessly to find a Medicare supplement plan that covered all my needs. He really cared about providing the best plan for me. Very easy to understand and very down to earth. When I needed life insurance, Bill was the one I called. I trust Bill to help me with my insurance needs.

Response from WCBurke: Thank you so much Miss Gail. You are very fortunate to have sisters who love each other like y'all do!

Essie Hughie, Jefferson, GA

Bill was very patient as well as very determined to get me with an insurance company that met all my needs as well as fit my budget, He made sure that I was provided with every detail of information and made sure that I was getting the benefits that I needed. I am very pleased with Bill's customer service and kindness. 

Response from WCBurke: Thank you so much Ms. Hughie! This is more of a passion than work or a job! You are so nice and joyful and you smile a lot! It's impossible not to want to serve you!

Michael and Connie Boyle, Watkinsville, GA

Bill was very helpful in setting up our Medicare supplement plans. And, when Connie was trying to set up her Silver Sneakers membership, Bill cut through the red tape for her.

Response from WCBurke: Thank you so much Mr. and Ms. Boyle. I appreciate your trust in me to serve you with your insurance needs!

Sharon Roberts, North Brunswick, NJ     

Bill Burke has been very helpful in setting up my Medicare Policy. He has answered all my questions. Friendly and always ready to help.

Response from WCBurke: Thank you Sharon...now if we can only get Rick to be my friend we'll have it made! HaHaHa!

Roger and Toni English, Rockledge, FL

Positive: Excellent Customer Care

We can’t say enough about the outstanding customer care that Bill has provided for our insurance needs. We have come to count on Bill to work in our best interests and give us the same advice and guidance that he would give his own family.

Response from WCBurke: Thank you kindly Roger and Toni! It is a pleasure to serve you!

Carol Duncan, Homer GA

Positive: Makes my life easy

Bill has assisted me for years in my healthcare insurance needs for years. Bill makes the process easy for me with his knowledge of this complicated healthcare. Completely explains and goes through each step. Bill is a wonderful honest man. I cannot thank him enough. Thank you, Bill.

Response from WCBurke: Thanks Ms. Duncan. Thank you so much for helping my mother when she was in the nursing home where you worked. You were so nice to her and I'm indebted!

Tom Duncan, Townsend GA

Positive: Wonderful Excellent experience

I have known Bill about 4 years now and he has always come through in assisting me with my healthcare insurance. As A disabled veteran, Bill has left me worry free of each years insurance needs. Highly knowledgeable and honest. Just great people. My Life friend. Thank You Bill

Response from WCBurke: Tom, thanks for that glowing review. I feel like life time friends! And most sincerely, thank you to you and your son for serving this great country of ours!

SF, Braselton, GA

Positive: Easy process

Bill made it quick and easy. We have used his services many times and it is always a pleasant experience.

Response from WCBurke: Thank you kindly!

Jessie Kent, Sparta, GA

Bill worked very hard for me where I live in Hancock County which has fewer providers than the larger counties in Georgia. He helped me get the best plan with all of my providers. Any time I need help or have questions Bill is always available. I'm extremely satisfied and could not be more pleased! Give him a call!

Response from WCBurke: Working with you Ms. Kent is not working...it's enjoyable just spending time with you.

Jane Travillion, Lawrenceville, GA

I've always felt that I was in good hands working with Bill and have always been taken care of. I'd highly recommend him to anyone who needs insurance! Even if you don't think you need help it's just good to get a second opinion...he's worth the call!

Response from WCBurke: Thank you for your kind words! You are one awesome lady!

Keith Goodwin, Athens, GA

Although I am already 65 and on Medicare Advantage, with the open enrollment period coming up, I decided to learn a lot more about EVERYTHING related to Medicare, all my options, you name it. After a few days of reading and/or talking with friends/family about this, I was on cognitive overload. I called Bill Burke and asked him to school me. It has proven to be a very good decision. Bill has been an illustrious, colorful, and very informative guide. He has helped simplify Medicare and explained all of the nuances of the program, and he helped me review ALL my options by introducing me to the many on-line resources that are available. Today, I am in a much better position to make an informed decision about my medicare options now and in the future....K Goodwin

Response from WCBurke: Thanks Keith, I'm quite honored to hear these words from someone who has been an educator his whole life!

Kay Shivers, Monroe, GA

Bill does everything within his power to find a health plan that fits your needs and budget (and we all know that is an enormous task). He responds to all calls and questions in a timely manner. He is very professional and just a down-to-earth man who genuinely cares for his clients. I would highly recommend him.

Response from WCBurke: Thank you Kay! I don't know if there is another person alive who has had such difficulties with their insurance carrier more than you. Further, I can't think of many folks who would have had the patience and the grace towards big insurance companies such as you've displayed. It speaks loudly of your character!

Skip Neville, Bryson City, NC

Very helpful with my 92 year old mom's situation. Helped my mom and then helped my sister in Houston, TX. A pleasure to work with! No pressure, just a great experience.

Response from WCBurke: Thank you Skip! I hope you're enjoying your new home up in the mountains!

Guy Spencer, Danielsville, GA

Bill is the only person you need for all your healthcare needs. His strong knowledge in this area will guide you through the maze of healthcare information we all face - especially as we approach 65 and face Medicare enrollment. Thanks so much Bill.

Response from WCBurke: Thanks Guy! I appreciate your friendship over the last few years. Nothing like sitting down at our favorite breakfast place, the one with the sign in big yellow block letters, eating a waffle together!

Barry Schumacher, Lawrenceville, GA

Bill knows the health insurance better than any one I've ever dealt with.

Response from WCBurke: Wow, thank you Mr. Schumacher, for the extremely huge compliment!! You make it challenging for me to stay humble.

Janet Rowe, Arnoldsville, GA

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Response from WCBurke: Thank you Miss Janet!

Dr. Craig Heigerick, Marietta, GA

I have known Bill Burke for many years and he has always been extremely attentive to my healthcare needs. He always goes the extra mile to find a policy for me or my family that fits our specific needs at the lowest possible cost. I have not used anyone else in the last 15 years.

Response from WCBurke: Thank you Doc! After this Covid fiasco, we need to take both of our families on that family vacation together that we've been talking about for the last 25 years!!!

Joey Crowell, Washington, GA

Bill was a great help with finding a plan that fits my needs and explaining what each plan consisted of, Bill is very knowledgeable In the insurance field and is very compassionate about what he does in finding the right Plan that fits the individual needs of the perspective client , A real pleasant experience.

Response from WCBurke: Thank you Joey! We all need to be more like you; upbeat, positive, happy, no problems and always so peaceful. Thanks!

Michael Wade, Monroe, GA

Bill was very understanding and broke everything down in a way that you could make sense of it all. When you have questions he did a good job of making they were all answered. I would recommend bill to anyone he is very patient and is will to work with you!

Response from WCBurke: Thank you! I appreciate the review Michael. Also, especially thankful to you Miss Christy for referring me to your church family. I am so grateful for you and Michael!